Guilder Art Show Application
Thank you for your interest in exhibiting art at Guilder! We host art shows on the mezzanine level of the cafe and rotate shows every two months. We see hosting art as a mutually beneficial experience. Guilder benefits from having art adorn it's walls and the new customers brought into the cafe by the artist, and the artist benefits from having a venue in which to display their art, and support their work. With this in mind we don't take a commission from art sales but we expect artists to agree to following the house rules:

- Artist agrees to install and deinstall art including patching and painting walls. Supplies will be provided. Installation usually occurs on the last day of the previous month after 7pm (ex. a September show would be installed on Aug. 31st). Deinstallation occurs on the last day of the month after 7pm (ex. a September should would be deinstalled on Oct. 31st). Dates are subject to change based on Guilder availability.
-Artist agrees to manage all sales and marketing for art show. Artist may post an artist bio, statement and contact information for sales inquiries, and price tags next to the art. Artist may display business cards or postcards announcing show and/or reception.
-Guilder welcomes artists to host an opening or closing reception. The date must be approved by Guilder at least one month in advance and must take place during the hours of 4-7pm (can be shorter).
-Guilder/JRC is a safe space (defined as a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm). Guilder/JRC has a zero tolerance policy for co-owners, employees and customers/artists who violate the safe space.

Please complete the questionnaire below, and email at least 3 examples of the art to The art/artist is chosen at the discretion of Guilder. The completion of an application does not guarantee the art will be accepted. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and shows are scheduled at least one month in advance.
* Shows are booked through July 2019.

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