Questionnaire on Real-World Optimization Problems
Both professionals in industry and in research work with optimization problems. To improve the practical use of our research we (the evolutionary optimization research community) would like to align our research more closely to the problems faced by industry practitioners. To this end, we would like to ask you for your help by filling out this questionnaire about real-world optimization problems.

If you provide information about your problem:
- the research community will develop algorithms that are more useful for your problem
- the outcome of this questionnaire will give you an overview of what problems your colleagues face


If you work on multiple similar optimization problems, please select ONE REPRESENTATIVE CASE. If you work on multiple different optimization problems and you would like to give insight on more than one problem, we would be extremely grateful if you took the time to fill in the questionnaire multiple times.

If you don't know or cannot answer the optional questions, please leave them blank.

This questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes. Please note that the number of sections mentioned on the bottom of the page says 13 but you will be skipping sections depending on your answers, so you will not have to go through all of them.

Notice: This questionnaire is not covered for bi-level or multi-level problems.

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Q1. Problem name *
Problem description
Q2. Problem domain
For example, manufacturing, logistics, scheduling, finance & economics, computer science, robotics, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, aerospace engineering.
Q3. Which parts of your problem are publicly available? *
Please select what is available for your problem. If you have a scaled-down version of the problem that is publicly available to analyze its characteristics, please choose "Scaled-down problem". Any references to the available information can be included in the "References" question below.
Q4. References
Please give the references to additional information about your problem (for example, Journal paper, Conference paper, Technical paper, Newsletter, Webpage). These references can be cited in publications presenting the results of the survey.
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