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The new WINTER BREAK CAMP will run on these specific dates:
Dec 21 & 22, and Dec 28, 29 and 30th. This special format leaves lots of fun for the holidays!

Our five day Kids' Comedy Camp was so successful last summer that we are now offering 3 new week-long camp specialities as listed below. Choose your own comedy camp path! Kids can also repeat a camp for even more experience.

A) Kids' Comedy Camp for ages 11-14 - our original camp still going strong! This is the basic starting place.
B) Kids' Comedy Camp for ages 15-17 - activities and content for older teens. This is the basic starting place for older teens.
C) Improv Comedy - for a group of kids to learn improv skills together.
D) Sketch Comedy - for a group of kids to learn group sketch comedy skills together.

You will need to choose and register for a specific week and time slot - either 1:00 PM, 4 :00 PM OR 7:00PM.
The daily sessions are one hour long, Monday to Friday, for 5 days in total, with the exception of the WINTER BREAK CAMP.

We follow the “Rule of Three” policy of at least three people involved in any camp so no single camper is alone online with a comedian coach. Our usual delivery model is to have a small group format of 2-3 campers working online with one comedian coach. You are encouraged to ask friends, neighbours and family members to bring together a group of your own and register.

After completing the Registration Form, parents/guardians will receive a confirmation by email from Sue Stephenson, with your specific week and time slot and the name of your comedian coach, at which time payment is due.

You will receive a Camper Playbook (student workbook) by email , or by mail if no printer is available at home, to support the instruction of the Comedy Camp.
Parents/Guardians First and Last Names. We require both parents/guardians names and contact information if there is more than one legal parent/guardian. *
What is the best phone number to reach you at? *
What is the best email address(es) to get in touch with parents and guardians? *
Child's First Name, Last Name and age *
Your complete address(es) and postal code(s) *
For which Camp are you registering? *
Are you registering for the WINTER BREAK CAMP? Dec 21, 22, 28, 29 and 30th *
For which month and week (Monday to Friday) would you like to register? *
Check the time slot you want for the five day camp. *
If you are flexible and could register for different weeks, please tell us below. *
How did you hear about our Online Kids' Comedy Camps? *
Please describe any important information that you feel we would benefit from knowing about your child as pertains to this program? *
Participation Agreement
These are the protocols with which each parent/guardian will need to agree. Review these carefully, including with your child, before you submit your payment. Our Good Behaviour Code includes 3 R's: respect for myself, respect for others and respect for the process. The goal is to provide a safe, kind and memorable experience that is fun for your child, always using healthy humour. We encourage behaviour that opens the door to the enjoyment and success of others.

Comedian Coaches Will:
- send a ZOOM invitation to the parent/guardian for the entire 5 session camp, with a waiting room required to enter.
- use an email address associated with our company ( to communicate during appropriate times of the day with parents/guardians.
- use a physical screen, virtual background online or a high traffic/common household area
- record each session

Campers will:
- remember that stories and jokes need to be appropriate e.g. no racist or sexist material
- Immediately tell parent(s)/guardian(s) about any communication, message, comment or image that makes the camper feel uncomfortable

Parents/Guardians will:
- Give consent to use ZOOM with each camp session being recorded so that the children and comedian coaches can see and hear each other.
- Warrant that both parents/guardians are involved/consulted and consent to this agreement for campers with two legal parents/guardians.
- Supervise and manage their child’s behaviour
- Waive any right to claim against SUSWB arising from their child’s participation in this program.
- Acknowledge and agree that SUSWB is not to be held liable for any action or omission of the Comedian Coaches.
- Agree to the storage of collected ZOOM recordings for one year.

A staff member will confirm registration with each parent.

Communicate with SUSWB, if there are any questions or concerns,
By checking the Yes box below, you acknowledge your acceptance of the above Participation Agreement and its conditions as stated. *
Registration Fees

A) For parents/guardians who choose a camp with group (maximum 5) with one comedian coach, the fee per child will be
$250 each (CDN)

B) For parents/guardians who choose a private, solo camp for one child, the fee will be $500 (CDN), that will include two comedian coaches online at all times:

Payment Methods are as follows. *
You will be sent a confirmation of your child's week, time slot and Playbook or Instruction Page once payment is processed by Sue Stephenson, President. Your comedian coach will be in touch with you by email. Please email with any further questions. Thanks!
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