This is an invitation to photography enthusiasts to apply to be part of our volunteer team at GPP Photo Week. As a volunteer, you'll take advantage of an exciting opportunity to get involved in various aspects of the week's activities & workshops from behind the scenes.

Our dedicated volunteers serve as the ambassadors of the event and play a vital role in ensuring the successful execution of the event. Volunteers, depending on their assigned tasks, get the chance to learn through doing and are given capacity building opportunities that involve manning welcome desks, interacting with guests and audiences, providing information to visitors, and other specialized tasks within different program and areas. Also, you'll get to hang out with the photographers and the GPP team. Our volunteers are highly valued and are the backbone of the week.

Due to the nature of what we ask of the volunteers to help with, we can only accept applications from residents of Dubai.

Please help us get to know you a little bit better by filling this short questionnaire.

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