CU-MSA Volunteer Application 2020/21
The Carleton University Muslim Students' Association (CU-MSA) offers students several events and services throughout the year. In order to have these events meet with the highest standards, we are constantly in need of new and returning council members. Council members are given opportunities to learn and grow within CU-MSA by leading committees, planning events, managing services, and learning other valuable skills that will prove to be beneficial in the future in sha'a Allah (God willing). In addition, you get the opportunity to build unforgettable moments and form unbreakable bonds by joining a #FamilyinFaith 🙌

Fill out the application below to apply for a council position within the CU-MSA council for the year 2020/2021. Do not miss this opportunity! For more information on CU-MSA, please visit !
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For more information, please check the CU-MSA guidebook at for a number of council positions and select the committee you would be interested in joining!
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Please provide an example of one to two previous volunteer or work experience that you think qualifies you to be a CU-MSA Council member. Apply even if you don't have any experience!
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