The RGBKB Customer Survey
In order to accelerate plans for world domination, RGBKB wants to hear your thoughts on future keyboard designs. Customer-driven feedback is extremely important - this survey will collect data about aspects of mechanical keyboards in order to best fit new products to you!

After taking this survey, please share to others so we can get as wide a sample set as possible. The goal is to expand the customer base of RGBKB and get outside of our comfort zone (but still in spilt ergo realm). 

One out of every 25 answers will receive a $25 gift card for RGBKB! One answer per person.

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Notes for the below question:
- Splits are shown with only the left half
- Green keys on Eos/Deimos may be replaced with an OLED + Encoder or touch-scrollbar. Encoders will also be added to other positions if available.
- Zygomorph 3 and Mun 2 are already in the works, no need to enter them.
Which keyboard layouts do you prefer? 
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RGB LED Preference
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Switch Preference
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What PCB features are important to you in a keyboard?
Case Preference
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What are the important aspects of a case?
What Continent are you located in?
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What style of keyboard do you use?
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What is your current daily driver keyboard?
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