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This collection of teaching modules aims to be a resource to assist educators in integrating topics on racism, colonialism, and imperialism into subjects commonly taught within geoscience departments. This resource consists of modular lecture slides with accompanying lecture notes, suggested discussion questions, and further reading to promote in-class engagement. This resource is freely available and geared towards flexibility so that rather than being a standalone course, it allows educators to pick and choose content for incorporation into their existing lectures.

Teaching modules span the following disciplines and topics (thus far!): Glaciology, Oceanography, Landscapes, Isostasy, Meteorites, Land-Grab

Each module uses a particular anecdote to provide a historical context for the geoscience topic at hand. Each anecdote focuses on an aspect of imperialism or colonialism in the history of geology, including (1) justification of Western knowledge over Indigenous knowledge, (2) continued extraction of knowledge, labor, and land, (3) scientific racism aimed at justification of racial hierarchies, (4) scientific racism using of geologic or geographic features to justify racial difference.
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