Chime Loan Program Application
Prior to appling for Area 9's Chime Loan Program, please read the following information.

At the beginning of the loan term, one three-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes and supporting educational materials will be shipped to the organization at the expense of Handbell Musicians of America - Area 9. An experienced mentor will also be available to the recipient to answer questions and provide any additional support. Furthermore, a one-year membership to Handbell Musicians of America will be provided.

The recipient must use the handchimes as part of their regular curriculum during the loan period and is requested to use the handchimes in at least one concert or program during the loan period. The recipient must also provide insurance coverage based on the current replacement value of the instrument while in their possession or during transportation of the instrument while in their possession. The recipient must adhere to all copyright laws. Photocopying or digitally reproducing any of the materials provided without prior approval of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden. Any violation of copyright law will result in the immediate removal from the program.

By January 1st of the program year, the recipient is asked to send a brief report to the Education Coordinator for Area 9. The brief report should describe how the chimes have been used thus far. A final report (at least five-hundred words and at least two photos) must be submitted by the end of the program year. The final report will be published in Area 9's newsletter, Ringing News, and submitted to Handbell Musicians of America for printed publication consideration.

At the conclusion of the program term, the handchimes are to be returned to the Education Coordinator for Area 9 at the recipient's expense. The educational materials provided may be kept by the program recipient.

The application will ask you to provide a plan describing how the handchimes will be incorporated into your music program. Include which age groups or grade levels will be involved. Also discuss how the handchimes will be stored and secured.

In addition, you will be asked to upload your current resume (PDF format that is smaller than 10MB).

Please send any questions to Jill Fite, Education Coordinator, at

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