Would you like to be a preview knitter for a Little Skein kit?
Dear knitter,
(April 22, 2019 update:) WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL FOR OUR PREVIEW KNITTER PROGRAM. You can still apply, but we will hold your application and be in touch if/when we have a spot open for you.

Thanks so much for being interested to be a preview knitter for an upcoming Little Skein kit! My goal is to help spread the word about an upcoming pattern or kit, so (to be absolutely transparent), when you preview knit, you are helping me with marketing.

I believe strongly that knitting is a skill and that all makers should be fairly compensated for their work. Because of this, our preview knitter program works like this:

• I will send you a tech-edited, ready to publish pattern PLUS enough of our hand-dyed yarn to knit the item. (I choose the colors, but if you have color preferences, I take this into account.)
• The yarn and finished item are yours to keep.
• You knit the item, take pretty pictures along the way and share them on Instagram. You also create a Ravelry project page for your finished item.
• You grant me license to repost and use your photos.
• When you're finished knitting and have shared photos, I'll send you a gift certificate for $40 to use in my shop.
• I'll also take a special "Molly and me" photo on my Instagram Stories as a heartfelt thanks for helping me in this way! (Molly's my beagle. She won't beagle your yarn before I send it to you; promise!)

I expect to choose 3-5 preview knitters for each new kit, and here's what I'm looking for:

• Your knitting ability and speed. Are you able to knit an adventurous beginner pattern of approximately 800 yards within 4-6 weeks? Does your Ravelry account show an ample amount of projects for me to see your knitting skill and ability?
• Your platform and ability to help spread the word: Are you active on Instagram and Ravelry? Do you engage with your followers?
• Styling of your photos: Do you take pretty photos of your knitting and/or finished projects?
• Your values: Do our values align? (Mine are here: https://www.littleskein.com/blogs/news/our-values)? What kind of content do you share? Where do you comment?
• Are you part of a traditionally unseen segment of our knitting community? If so, I will be paying special attention to make sure you're represented in my preview knitter program.

Thanks for being interested and you can sign up below.

Maker & CEO (chief everything officer)
Little Skein in the Big Wool

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