WLAC Waste Management and Organics Survey
This survey aims to help WLAC reduce the amount of waste produced on campus by gathering the opinions and experiences of the community. The main types of waste addressed by this survey are trash (landfill), recyclables (glass, plastics #1-7, some metals), and organic (food waste, greens, garden scraps). 
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What is your relation to West LA College? *
How experienced are you at sorting your waste? *
Less experienced
Very experienced
What waste do you sort/divert at home? *
Do you have experience with composting? *
Which waste bins have you seen on campus? *
Would you like to see organic (food) waste collection done on campus? *
Do you see waste-relate signage on campus bins? *
Is the waste-relate signage on campus bins helpful? *
Would comprehensive signage motivate you to sort waste properly? *
How would you like to learn more about how to sort waste? *
Is it important to know where campus waste ends up? *
Have you ever been shown or taught how to correctly sort waste on campus? *
West is working towards a sustainable campus. How important is this to you? *
Not important
Very important
If you have any ideas about making West a more sustainable campus, please let us know!
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