Early Dismissal Parent Questionnaire
Dear Families,

Good teaching is not an accident; it is the result of study, reflection, practice, and hard work. A teacher can never know enough about how a student learns, what impedes the student’s learning, and how the teacher’s instruction can increase the student’s learning. Professional development is the only means for teachers to gain such knowledge. Whether students are high, low, or average achievers, they will learn more if their teachers regularly engage in high-quality professional development focused on improving knowledge and skills that support student achievement. Teachers benefit from working together to analyze student work and design interventions to meet each student’s unique needs. When educators learn, students learn more!

Next year we would like to set aside time each week dedicated to this work. Many schools in the area are already doing this through either a late start or early release time. We would like your input in determining how to best organize an early release day for students so that teachers may continue to work on improving and developing curriculum, instruction, and assessments that will support high quality, learning experiences designed to meet student needs.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and helping us plan for regularly scheduled, early release professional development that will support your child’s learning and success.

What do you believe are important areas for teacher professional development?
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Please share your input regarding how we can make early dismissal a positive experience for your family.
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