Bands and Artists that are Trans, Non-Gender-Binary, or Women
That's right, folks, we're creating a database for music bookers to help them find bands that include Trans folks, Non-Gender-Binary Folks, and Women.
Band or Artist Name *
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Band or Artist Website
Or whatever you use as your website - please make sure that there's contact info for bookers!
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Genre of music
I mean, sure, genre is kind of meaningless, but help bookers sort Folk from Death Metal by giving them some idea of what they'll hear if they click on your link. Please no 'Janice Joplin baking cookies with Ryoji Ikeda' -style descriptions - that doesn't help anyone.
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Province of Origin
Some grants require that bookers hire artists from outside of their own province, so this is useful for them to know
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Any other info you'd like to note for bookers
This may include some special aspect to your performances, any other demographic info that you would like to highlight, etc. - preferably not 'new album this Fall!' as that kind of info will stale-date pretty quickly and this database should be up for a while.
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