Swissvale Library survey 2018
The Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale wants to hear from you! Please complete this brief survey. The information will be used to improve the Library and its services. If you include your name and phone number, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Giant Eagle gift card. Responses will be accepted until December 15th. One survey per patron please.
Approximately how often do you visit the Swissvale Library?
What are your main reasons for visiting the Library? (Check all that apply.)
How do you usually get to the Library?
Please tell us about the services that you receive from the Library staff. (Check all that apply.)
How do you find out about events at the Library? (Check all that apply.)
Overall, how satisfied are you with the Library?
What additional programs and activities would you like the Library to have?
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Tell us how the Library could be better for you and your family - including books, DVDs and other material, programs, facilities, hours of operation, etc.
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Anything else you would like to let us know?
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What other libraries do you use? (Check all that apply.)
Help us get a picture of the ages of our users by telling us your age and that of your family members who use the library. (Check all that apply.)
Please include your name and email or phone number to be eligible for our gift card drawing.
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