We’d love you to help us choose our first nature mascot...

Take a look at the specimen profiles below and place your vote. You can meet these amazing creatures from our collection in the ‘notice nature feel joy’ gallery at Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

SUN BEAR: Omnivore from South-east Asia

• Sunbear loves - honey and figs; forests; climbing trees; hugging its mate.
• Sunbear has - long claws for climbing trees; strong jaws for breaking open trees and nuts; poor eyesight and great sense of smell; an extra long tongue for slurping up honey.
• Sunbear can - climb trees very quickly; attack if provoked; build nests in tree-tops; guard its young fiercely; tear open trees and termite mounds to get to insects; carry its baby in its arms while walking on its hind legs; sunbear babies hum while being nursed.
• Sunbear is - the smallest member of the bear family; elusive; nocturnal; faithful (monogamous); a good mummy; fierce and aggressive if surprised.

PANGOLIN: An insectivore from Africa and Asia

• Pangolin loves - digging with her sharp claws; eating ants; cuddling her baby; scenting her territory.
• Pangolin has - little eyes and ears; strong claws; no teeth; a soft belly; individual hard scales that look like polished wood; a tongue longer than her body; poor vision and relies on smell and hearing.
• Pangolin can - burrow underground; climb trees; swim; curl up in a ball; give her baby a ride on her tail; curl around her baby to protect it; close her ears and nostrils to keep insects out.
• Pangolin is - shy; nocturnal; a good mummy; solitary; a peaceful animal.

HIPPO: Herbivore from Africa

• Hippo loves – cooling down in water; basking in the sun; eating grass
• Hippo has – short legs; huge mouth; body shaped like a barrel
• Hippo can - stay under water for 5 minutes; sleep underwater bobbing up automatically to breathe; secrete an oily red liquid to protect them from the sun; easily outrun humans; run up to 30km/hour; live for up to 45 years; close their nose and ears underwater; can go 3 weeks without eating ; kill crocodiles!
• Hippo is – amphibious; sociable; very loud; brave and ferocious; one of the most dangerous animals in Africa; one of the most aggressive creatures in the world; the third largest land mammal: a close relative of whales, dolphins and pigs

FOX: Omnivore from Europe, Africa, Asia, America

• Fox loves – living in underground dens; eating anything edible they can find; exploiting new habitats; looking after his family; hiding food to eat later.
• Fox has – beautiful red fur and a bushy tail; whiskers on his legs and face to help him find his way; eyes that glow in the dark; amazing hearing; eyes with vertical pupils like a cat.
• Fox can – pounce to catch prey; climb trees; see in the dark; store food for later; run up to 45 km/hour; retract its claws like a cat; use 28 different sounds to communicate; jump up to 2m high; hear rodents digging underground; hunt during the daytime if they live in a place where they feel safe.
• Fox is - adaptable; flexible; solitary but social; loyal; brave; intelligent; often monogamous; nocturnal; a member of the dog family.

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