Application to the Human-Machine Translation German-French Summer School
This Summer School in German-French and French-German translation aims at bringing together Computer Scientists and Humanities Scholars from French and German Studies to improve the automatic methods for semi-automatic translations from French to German and from German to French. It will offer a solid theoretical framework both from a Computer Science and from a Humanities point of view as well as practical insights in the realization and improvement of semi-automatic translation. It will bring together trainees from either German or French mother tongue willing to work on translating from the other language. While the focus is on developing translation methods, enlarging existing corpora and improving algorithms, the Summer School also aims at opening a discussion on the didactical dimension of automatic translating and its integration to existing Humanities translation training.


Deadline for application: Monday, April 23rd 2018, midnight
Notice board
Eligible for applications are French and German students, young researchers and lecturers with an experience in translation and willing to experiment and reflect on theoretical, practical and didactical aspects of semi-automatic translation between both languages. Participants are expected to stay the whole week and to contribute significantly to the translation projects that are to be performed during the Summer School. A travel allowance will be allocated for participants not located in Le Mans. Applicants will be notified about the results of the selection process on May 1st. Applicants from abroad selected to participate to the Summer School are expected to take care of their housing arrangements at the guesthouse in Le Mans Université before May 15th (they will be assisted by the organization committee).
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Deadline for application: Monday, April 23rd 2018, midnight
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