2020 WFTDi Canada East Online Membership Form
Welcome to the WFTDi online membership form.

Please look up what your expiry date was before renewing! Do a search of your email box using the old email crdieast@gmail.com  
Also check for an email from us that it is time to renew.

Please add WFTDiCanada@WFTDi.com to your address book or our emails go to your spam



Once your membership is processed and PAID we will email you individually with your membership info - please provide a legitimate email address so we can do this. If you have not paid we will not email you.

You are not covered by WFTDi insurance coverage until you have filled in this online form AND PAID your membership fee. Please read all the info here to understand the process. Payment info is at the bottom.

Please note once your information is processed and a email sent with your membership card info and payment processed we do not issue refunds.

The WFTDi Canada accident insurance is for Canadian Leagues and Canadian skaters who belong to Canadian leagues. If you are a Canadian skater that belongs to a USA league you must purchase WFTDA USA membership not WFDTi Canada.

WFTDi will post your info received from this online form into your home league database.
Please only fill in this online form ONCE.

2020 info:
WFTDi FULL MEMBERSHIP is $55.50 by email transfer or $57 using Square Portal. Your membership will start the date indicated by the MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION DATE question. If you do not answer it will start the day we process the membership and run for 365 days.

2020 Apprenticeship is $30.50 by email transfer and $32 by SQUARE portal. Apprentice Skaters are BRAND NEW to derby. Apprenticeship allows you to try derby for 90 days in a New Skater Program. You are NOT covered to skate in any games or scrimmages outside your league.
We no longer offer the $25 upgrade package after purchasing the $30 apprentice. After 90 days if you continue to skate the fee is $55 (plus applicable portal fees) and a 12 month membership will be issued. If you are sure you will be skating past the 90 days purchase the $55 full membership which is good for 12 months.

INDEPENDENT SKATERS must be over the age of 18 and have 3 years experience playing roller derby. Any independent skater that is picked up to play by a league to play in a game must pass minimum skills tested by that league before the first game. Paperwork must be dated and signed off and is good for that league for one year. Each league must do this for any independent skater. If the Independent skater plays with 3 leagues each league must test the minimum skills. The yearly fee for Independent skaters is $60.50 for 12 months by email transfer.

Out Of County - No longer offered by WFTDi Canada. You must purchase WFTDA insurance.


After you have set up an account, you may purchase insurance using the “Purchase WFTDA Insurance” link, which can be found in your home page.

2020 Steps to ensure membership

Step ONE: PAY for your membership - we will ONLY email you and confirm membership when WFTDi Canada receives your payment. Please note you are not covered to skate until payment has been received and processed. Processed means we have emailed you WFTDi Canada membership info.

If you want to pay using your credit card please use the SQUARE links at the bottom of East Skater Page. ($2 Fee)

EMAIL TRANSFER PAYMENT - send $55.50 only! (50 cent fee - Send $55.50)
If you want to pay by email transfer send payment to WFTDiCanada@WFTDi.com <-----(NEW EMAIL)make sure you spell the email address right! And email transfer $55.50 - $60.50 if you are an Independent Skater
PLEASE include your real name and the league you belong to in the email transfer MESSAGE box available to you when completing the email transfer at the very end(this is especially important if someone else sends the money for you and does not include your info. When we process the payment we immediately respond. If we do not respond we have not received your payment.

WFTDi does NOT accept Hyperwallet, PAYPAL OR personal cheques from skaters.
WFTDi does not issue refunds.

Reminder: You are not covered to skate if payment is not received.
WFTDi does not offer refunds once membership is processed.

Please press SUBMIT at the end of this form. You should receive this response:

"WFTDi Canada East Membership Form Database
Your response has been recorded."

Thank you
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2020 WFTDi East Online Membership Form
(March 6, 2020 to December 31, 2020)
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Skaters First Name *
Legal name - no nick names - must match your DL or passport - you are responsible for spelling your name correct here. PLEASE use applicable capital letters at the start of your name.
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Skaters Last Name *
Legal name - no nicknames - must match your DL or passport - you are responsible for spelling your name correct here. PLEASE use applicable capital letters at start of your name.(if your email transfer or payment has a different last name please make sure you include message in email transfer or processing will be delayed)
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Date Born *
Please indicate numerical date born 1 - 31
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Please provide Health Care Number # *
It is mandatory that you provide us with your health care number (this info is needed for iA the accident insurance part of your membership)- if you can not find it you must submit it to your league within 30 days. Your membership card will not be issued until we have this info. Leave a message if you do not have it and why - we will email you back regarding this section)
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Province Health Care Card issued *
Please put the province your health care number was issued
Email address *
We NEED each skaters/parents email address. WFTDi emails each skater (not your league) a PDF card with your membership number and responds to the payment email . Spelling counts and we will not be held responsible for delays due to you giving WFTDi an incorrect email address.
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Type of Membership you need *
WFTDi 12 month membership is $55. WFTDi Apprenticeship is $30 and good for 90 days ONLY - Please note we no longer offer the 9 month upgrade for $25. Purchase the 12 month $55 membership if you know you will be skating for more than 3 months. (Please note you need to add 50 cents to the email transfer $55 and $30 membership send e.g. $55.50)
MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION DATE: If you are a BRAND NEW SKATER enter program start date.
Paying Via *
When paying via email transfer, Email: WFTDiCanada@WFTDi.com Security question to ask is: What sport is this for. Answer: Rollerderby PLEASE NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: you need to put your name and league you belong to in the email transfer comments area. If you send the wrong question and answer we will decline and void email transfer.
Please read the below statement and print YOUR FULL REAL NAME/Parent name for youth in space given below. *
Waiver/Release: I, hereby, do affirm the above to be correct and truthful and hereby make application to Canadian Roller Derby Info and Services, "CRDi", now owned and run by WFTDi Canada/WFTDA for membership and coverage to play the sport of Roller Derby. I agree to abide by the policies of WFTDi Canada upon this registration. I acknowledge to WFTDi Canada, its directors, officers, employees, WFTDi Canada Roller Derby Leagues and representatives that any costs and expenses in respect to my death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property, howsoever caused will be covered by the accident policy coverage shown on the CRDi website and the WFTDA website for which part of the membership fee purchases. I acknowledge that I have read this document and have had an opportunity to obtain an explanation as to its contents. i does not issue refunds. PLEASE PRINT SKATERS NAME IN BOX BELOW
Your answer
Please let us know if you have extra insurance.
Did you know that WFTDi coverage does not cover you for lost wages if you are off due to an injury! Please protect yourself if you do not have extra insurance. You are playing a contact sport and accidents can and will happen. Educate yourself as to protection you will need if you are hurt and off due to an injury. This is not a mandatory question. Please skip if you do not wish to answer.
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