2019 Fresh Fiction Awards
You can help us decide the winners of the best books of 2018 across genre fiction.

Select the book in each category you think should be the winner. If you don't read a category, please skip.

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Contemporary Romance
Contemporary Romance - the story takes places in this century (21st). There must be a "happily ever after" (HEA).
Historical Romance
Historical Romance - the setting is in the past, anything set earlier than 2000 is historical. Romance must be included with a HEA to be considered in this category.
Inspirational & Family
Inspirational & Family - spanning fiction with a strong positive message. From faith-based to exploring relationships between family, friends, and life. Strong romantic elements are usually present and a HEA can be included.
Women's Fiction
Women’s Fiction – the primary character is a woman, may be a group of friends or family as well. Psychological or suspense not necessary. Romantic elements may be included but no HEA is required.
Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller
Crime Fiction – heart pounding suspense to page eating thrillers. The suspense can be low key as in a psychological suspense to heart pounding action in a serial killer thriller. Romance is not required.
Cozy Mystery
Cozy Mystery - There is a murder but it’s off-camera. The sleuths are amateurs. Romance is not required.
Romantic Suspense
Romantic Suspense - the suspense and romance are drivers in this fiction category. The suspense can be low key to heart pounding action but there must be a romance including a HEA.
Erotic or Sensual Romance - Must include a HEA, but may include multiple partners. Not restricted to contemporary time period.
Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Romance - shape-shifters to psychic ability, romantic to suspense. Must include a HEA. Urban Fantasy without a HEA should be put in Fantasy category.
Time Slip
Time Slip -- combines two different periods, at least a generation apart. A romance may be included or not. Outlander is an example of time slip. Time travel is also in this category.
Young Adult
Young Adult - The audience for this book is from age 13 up. HEA not required. Coming of age novels can be part of this category.
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Science Fiction / Fantasy - the fiction is set in a world that doesn't exist, it might exist but probably not. Urban Fantasy is included in this category. HEA is NOT required or expected. Romantic elements may be included.
Best Book
A novel that is your best read of 2018. This must be a novel and published in the United States during 2018.
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