By wisdom a house is built, by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3-4 (ESV)

The Benevolence Ministry at Elevate Life Church exists to assist regular attendees of Elevate Life Church by offering one-time financial grants to help cover essential needs in time of personal financial crisis. Individuals with more general non-essential financial needs or chronic financial issues will be directed to our Pastoral Care ministry to assess any changes that may be needed to become financially stable.
Benevolence Guidelines & Process
Here are some important principles that are essential for you to understand. These policies are intended to be a responsible way for us to discern needs and use God's money wisely.

We may help you, and this is how we will do it.
• We will encourage you to walk with God. That's the main reason we exist. We would love to help you come to know Jesus as your Savior and come to walk in God's way.
• We will treat you with dignity and respect. Therefore, abuse or aggressive language or actions will not be tolerated.
• We will not give cash.
• We do not say "yes" without prayerful evaluation that also includes asking you to fill out a request form and giving us permission to verify the information you have stated. The process takes at least 48 hours and in some cases up to a week
• Our intention is to help with what we deem as needs not wants or desires. That means we don't pay bills we deem are unnecessary.
• We will ask for you to take primary responsibility for your needs, and then turn to your family, BEFORE we involve church funds.
• Because of limited financial funds and the great need in our community, we will not help a family more than once a year.
• God has placed Elevate Life Church in THIS community. There are churches in other communities who minister to those in their area. Photo ID will be required to process your request.

We don't want to see you continue in a bad financial situation. Therefore we want to know:
• Other agencies and help programs from which you have sought help
• Your job and family situation
• Why you chose to seek help from this church
• How you met this need last month and how do you plan to meet it next
If you wish to continue with this process please:
1. Sign below to indicate you accept the policies stated above.
2. Continue to fill out this Benevolence Application Form.
3. Sign the Release of Information Form.

We will begin seeking ways to help you meet your needs.

This is not a contract for assistance. I understand the terms stated above under which I may seek assistance from Elevate Life Church.
To sign and agree to Elevate Life Church’s care process and policy, please enter your full name. This is not a contract for assistance. (This will serve as your signature) *
I understand the terms stated above under which I may seek assistance from Elevate Life Church.
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