2020 GA Bike Summit Format Feedback Form
We will be holding our 2020 Summit in a virtual format and want to hear from YOU!
The dates are tentative for mid-September; exact dates will be decided by July 1st.
Let us know what format works best and content you'd like to see.
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If the virtual bike summit is presented in a series of 2 to 4 hour blocks over the course of multiple days, how many days could you commit to attending?
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What time of day would you prefer to attend virtual summit sessions?
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Would you attend sessions on a Saturday?
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If you said yes or maybe to Saturday sessions, what time would you prefer for them?
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When online, what is the best way to keep you engaged in summit session?
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Would you watch pre-recorded sessions after the summit if you could not make a live one?
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Are there specific topic areas you are interested in? We can reach out to speakers and presenters based on feedback.
Are there specific speakers you'd like to hear from at the summit?
Other suggestions on days and time slots, format of sessions, ways to engage you as a participant, and anything else. Let us know below.
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