Edessa - Bitola - Cine Workshop 2020
Two thematic workshop are planned to be A) from 17.08.2020 to 28.08.2020 in Edessa and B) from 28.09.2020 to 09.10.2020 in Edessa. The workshop provides 20 participants from Edessa & Bitola (All participants from Bitola will be provided transportation Bitola and vice versa, accommodation with breakfast, and one meal, as well as work materials, USB drives etc.) The participants will study cinematographic with computer programs necessary for the development of culture and tourism, which will be presented by professors who teach this subject: Cine Art / Cine Project / Story Telling / Photo / Camera / Sound ... etc (Full Agenda for those who apply)
Each Participant must have :
1- English Knowledge (Level C)
2- IT Knowledge (Level Basic)
3- A laptop in order to be able to work actively and educate him/herself.
4- A smart mobile device (phone/pad) to be able to work actively and educate him/herself.
5- The ability to cooperate with other students from Greece/North Macedonia and to participate in common event to receive an appropriate certificate from the educational institution / school for participation in the Cine-Culture project. All requests will be answered for the results. Seminars are free of charge.

With respect. Association for development of ecology tourism and cultural cooperation
Municipal Enterprise of Edessa

Official Leaflet of the Seminar
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