Rescue Registration - Application for URRN
Access a range of services available to registered rescues only. We appreciate that this may be a little time consuming but it will save you time in the future when requesting help and will open up a range of additional benefits for registered rescues.
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Homecheck Rules
You will have spoken to all your applicants and carried out your basic due diligence BEFORE you ask us to cover a homecheck. This includes checking if the property is owned or rented. If rented can they show our homechecker proof from the landlord/s that they can have a dog there? If they already have a dog, can they prove they can have another? How long has the rental agreement got to run? Type of home and size?
If owned, do they have any plans to move home within six months?
How many adults are at the home and how many children and what ages?
Do they already have pets and what?
Applicants general suitability re working hours and lifestyle.
It is not the responsibility of our homecheckers to do this

The following will ALWAYS apply:
We take complaints/disputes of any kind seriously whether from the rescue concerning a volunteer or vice versa. They will be investigated as much as possible to ascertain/understand the circumstances and we will remain as impartial as possible. Please be advised that should we receive three complaints about your rescue from different parties concerning your procedures your admins etc.. you will be contacted. If we cannot resolve these issues and a further complaint is made, you will be removed from the group/s along with your admins. Complaints against our volunteers will be treated in the same manner and they will be removed after three issues if not resolved. We reserve the right to remove any rescue we feel is not working within our guidelines.

Once granted, you should keep your URRN (Unique Rescue Reference Number) private and only issue it to people that have or have been given permission to ask for assistance for your rescue.

You can request help by simply providing your Unique Reference Number and as much information as possible by competing all fields on the request form. We will assume that anyone who requests help via your URRN Number is doing so with the approval of the rescue.

If anyone who knows your URRN ceases to or does not represent your rescue you should contact us immediately to have a new URRN issued.

Transport Requests
- Animals that have been imported from outside of the UK, MUST have been done so according to law. Information on importation requirements can be found at You must provide proof that you have achieved all the necessary requirements if requested.
- If an animal is being transported to an adoption or foster > adoption placement the adopter / potential adopter/rescue must take on part of the transport run or provide some fuel money if required. If fuel money is not required and no transport help is available from the adopter/potential adopter a donation to The Animal Team would greatly appreciated.
- The person representing your rescue for each transport run MUST;
-- Contribute to the chats created for finalising details where necessary as soon as they are opened.
-- Provide information on all animals being transported that is important to those involved in the transport run.

Homecheck Requests
- If a homecheck is being carried out for the rehoming or fostering of a specific animal. All details of that/those animal(s) should be added to the request form at submission. Any further information regarding a specific dog is to be disclosed to the person carrying out the homecheck on your behalf.
- Our homecheck service should only be used for homechecking a home for the suitability of placing a dog for foster or adoption. We are not a service to vet or check members of the public who will only be used by your organisation in ways other than offering a permanent or temporary home for an animal in your care.

Assessment Requests
- If an assessment is being requested for us to help in the possible re-homing of a dog from its owners all details of that/those animal(s) should be added to the request form at submission. Any further information regarding a specific dog is to be disclosed to the person carrying out the assessment on your behalf in the joint chat created by our assessment team.

Any Use of The Animal Team's Services

- NO animals are to be put through any of our groups under your URRN and/or rescue that are the responsibility of another rescue, person or organisation.
- NO Information relevant to your request for help and our assistance in helping should ever be withheld.
- If a request for help is covered elsewhere you must inform the relevant group admin(s) to advise as soon as possible so that our admins can work on uncovered requests.
Our volunteers should be treated with respect, as we expect our volunteers to treat everyone else in return. Your admins must be courteous to any of our admins or volunteers. Any grievances are to be directed to a Trustee: Caz Batters, Nik Walters or Zena Gardner and NOT aired publicly on our group pages or any other social media platform.

- We do not help private homechecks, assessments or transport runs. Any rescue that requests help for a privately owned animal NOT solely responsible to the rescue or organisation requesting help will be in breach of our terms and conditions and will be removed from the group(s).
- If any details change from those submitted on the registration form you must advise us immediately so we can change our records.
- We will never disclose information held from your registration information to a third party unless instructed to do so by the police.

What Now?

For standard homechecks and transport requests simply go to and complete and submit the relevant form.
For Assessments, go to
For Transport of an animal originating from outside the UK, go to

The Animal Team will accept no liability or responsibility for any issues arising from your rescue using our services. We will assist you with arranging help as much as we can and will do what we can to offer support and assistance in the event of any issues arising from arranging help for your rescue through our groups, but the responsibility of your homechecks, transport runs, assessments, fostering and any other area in which we assist you will be solely the rescues and as such you should ensure you have adequate public liability insurance in place to protect yourselves.

Should these Terms and Conditions change you will be notified by email and will need to reconfirm your acceptance.

Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will result in your rescue being removed from our group and The Animal Team will be unable to assist you further.
Please confirm you are authorised to accept these Terms and Conditions for or on behalf of the rescue named in this form submission *
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