Baobab Start-Up Application
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The Business
Company name
Company location
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What are you building? Describe your business in a short sentence.
How will the business make money?
What progress have you made so far?
Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourselves?
What is your big vision for the company?
How much funding have you raised to date and where did it come from?
Please attach any supporting documentation here (e.g. pitch deck).
The Team
Who are the founders of your company?
What makes this team special?
Why are you passionate about the problem you are solving?
Do the founding team still own 100% of the business? If not, who else has equity?
Tell us about any other ideas your team are working on at the moment.
What email address can we contact you on?
What phone number can we WhatsApp you on?
Finally, tell us something funny that has happened since you started the business.
Where did you hear about The Baobab Network?
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