Beekeeping Equipment
Hello! I am a student at The Cleveland Institute of Art doing a project involving beekeeping equipment and storage. I would love to hear your input!
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How many pieces of bee keeping equipment do you own?
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Which pieces of equipment do you have? (Check all that apply)
Where do you keep all of these tools when not in use?
What do you use to organize your beekeeping tools?
Where do you set down your tools while you're out working on your hive(s)?
What tools do you use almost every time you check on your hive?
What are your favorite pieces of beekeeping equipment
Why are they your favorite?
Have you made any special DIY tools for beekeeping? (please specify)
What do you use to raise your hive off of the ground? (Cinderblocks, pallets, etc..)
Thank you for taking my Survey! if you are open to follow up questions please leave your email below!
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