Can your organization benefit from the HOBBIT platform?
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HOBBIT ( aims to abolish the barriers to the adoption and deployment of Big Data by providing companies with open benchmarking reports which show the fitness of their Big Linked Data solutions.
These benchmarks
(1) are based on data that reflects reality,
(2) aim to measure industry-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) so as to provide
(3) comparable results using standardized hardware.
Benchmarks can consist of generated or measured Linked Data.
The HOBBIT team is composed of leading research institutes, large industry customers and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

With this survey we aim to determine how your company could benefit from this platform. By filling in this survey, you will automatically have a chance at winning an Amazon voucher or 6 months of free membership within the HOBBIT association. The fully anonymized results of this survey will be made public, these results will first be made visible to people who finished the survey. By joining the HOBBIT community (for free), you will
(1) never miss new benchmarking results,
(2) receive intermediary results that will not be broadcasted broadly and
(3) receive our final results before everybody else.

All questions in this survey are optional so you don't have to fill in information you can not disclose.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688227
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