Executive Function Skills
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Read the following statements and decide if it applies to your child: *
Most of the time
Very Rarely
My child puts off homework or chores until the last minute.
It’s hard for my child to stop a fun activity when it’s time to do homework.
My child procrastinates.
My child's backpack and notebooks are disorganized.
My child's bedroom is messy.
My child's desk or workspace is messy.
My child has a hard time estimating how long it will take to complete homework.
My child is late to classes and appointments.
My child has to rush at the end of class to complete class work.
My child gets in trouble for talking in class.
My child speaks before he or she think.
My child acts on impulse.
My child gets upset easily when things don’t go as planned.
My child gets annoyed when school work is too hard or confusing and takes a long time.
My child gets angry and frustrated easily.
My child has trouble adjusting to changes in plans or routines
My child doesn't like assignments in which I have to choose the topic.
"If my child's first attempt at solving a problem doesn’t work, her or she tends to shut down,
My child forgets homework assignments or forget to bring home needed materials.
My child loses or misplaces things like phones, sports equipment, keys or notebooks.
My child forgets to attend extracurricular activities or clubs
My child is easily distracted.
My child gets tired before finishing homework.
My child has trouble sticking with chores until they are done.
My child becomes overwhelmed by big projects, assignments or papers.
My child has trouble setting priorities when he or she has a lot of things to do.
My child can’t work without direction and structure.
My child doesn't check his or her work for mistakes, even on important exams or assignments.
My child doesn't learn from his or her mistakes and make changes to improve.
My child doesn't use effective study strategies.
My child has trouble saving money for things he or she wants.
My child doesn't know why it matters if he or she get good grades now.
My child can be aware that he or she is making a bad decision, but do it anyway.
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