Fall 2020 DataStreme Course Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in taking one of the AMS DataStreme courses!

Upon submitting this form, your information will be shared with our Mentor Team Leaders so that you may be paired with one of their teams for the Fall 2020 semester.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are already in contact/paired with one of our Mentor Teams for this semester, this form is not for you. Your Mentor Leader will provide your information to AMS so that we can move you through the registration process when it begins. We advise you to contact your Mentor Leader to ensure you are a confirmed member of their team for Fall 2020.

If you are not contacted by an AMS Team Leader within two weeks of submitting this form, please contact us at amsedu@ametsoc.org and we will help you get matched with a team.

Please be sure to provide contact information that you are able to routinely monitor. If your email security settings are strong, please be sure to monitor both your inbox as well as spam folders for messages from our Mentor Team Leaders and AMS.
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If you answered that you are "already in contact" above, please list the First and Last Name of the Mentor Team Leader you are in contact with.
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Please include any additional information that you wish to share that may help in the matching process (for example, if you don't have a preference which course you take, you can note that here)
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Participating in DataStreme With a Colleague
If you and a colleague (or colleagues) intend to take a course "together", YOU EACH WILL NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM INDIVIDUALLY and indicate that you would like to be on the same team.

Although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee we will be able to honor your request to be matched to the same team.
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If you answered "yes" above, please list the first and last names of the colleague(s) you wish to be on the same team with.
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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the DataStreme courses. In the event that you don't get to participate in the Fall 2020 offering of DataStreme, please keep an eye on our webpage for the Spring 2021 Interest Form to be posted so that we can match you next semester.
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