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This form is meant to update your contact information in our Tree Care Advisor Database, so that you are able to receive prompt and meaningful communication from the University of Minnesota Forestry Department team. Please fill out all required fields. Your information will be confidential and not shared with anyone apart from program directors and coordinators. If you have any questions, please contact
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Please list the phone number that is most convenient for you, whether that be a home phone or a cell phone.
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Please share the year that you attended and completed the Tree Care Advisor Core Course so program directors and coordinators can cross reference information.
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Please share your current member number. Please enter 'None' if you have not been issued a number or 'Unknown' if you do not remember your number at this time.
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Please check all Tree Care Advocate and Extension programs that you are currently active in.
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We now issue member cards to Volunteers to utilize in the field to show interested/concerned homeowners. This card will house your name, member number for your reference, and your start year in the program. Please share if you would like a new or replacement card in the mail.
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