Up & Running pre-survey
I'm excited to work with you and help build you into a strong runner. Please fill out this survey to give me an initial picture of your experience and goals. There are no judgments here, so be honest! It will help me make decisions about how to design your training. We will discuss more detail about you at your consultation.
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What inspired you to want to begin working with Alys / a running coach? *
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How often do you currently go running/jogging? *
(If you don't run but do other physical activities, you'll have a chance to tell me about that later.)
What, if any, other sports or activities do you currently participate in regularly (at least a few times per month)? *
If you have participated in any running events before, what type and distance?
If you answered yes to any of the above and know your PR (personal record) times, please list them here along with the month & year they occurred. If you can't remember, you can estimate.
E.g., '10k - 50:45, April 2016'
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Do you have any current or former health issues that I should know about? Are you cleared by a doctor for exercise? *
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you personally rate your current overall physical health? *
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Do you currently have a gym membership? *
I offer different types of training plans for local clients, as well as virtual/remote coaching through an app and phone communication. Which option(s) are you most interested in?
Local: for a typical week, what are the best days and times for you to meet? Remote: when are the best times for a phone call?
When would you like to get started?
What is your short term and long term running goal? What is a fitness feat you could accomplish that would make you feel proud?
We can discuss further at your consultation :)
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