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This form is for new members joining JCI Eko. This will enable us to upload their information in our database, understand their expectations and add values to them. We will appreciate your inputs.
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In May 2019, Mauritius will be the destination for AMEC (Africa and Middle East Conference); will you be attending? *
Kindly visit https://jciamec2019.com/ to get more details about the event
If you are to join a team, which one will you prefer?
If you are to recommend a new project/CSR for JCI Eko to execute; which one will it be?
It may be a project that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) or pressing need of the community.
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Which company or organization can you recommend JCI Eko to partner with for its various projects?
It may be a private company, Government or NGO.
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In order to make our Meeting more value-driven and impactful in 2019, what activities do you think we can we add?
Any activities or side attractions that will add value to people and make our meetings more interesting.
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