Computer Usage and Parts Test 1
This Test is on the information about Computer Usage and Parts.
Full Name (First Last) *
The following questions are True / False. Choose the best answer.
1. Computer fluency is having knowledge and understanding of a computer *
2. A keyboard is a type of output device for a computer. *
3. Data is input that has been organized and made ready for output. *
4. A Kilobyte (Kb) is 1024 Megabytes (Mb) *
5. 1 byte represents 1 character of data from a keyboard. *
6. A mouse is an input device for a computer. *
7. The CPU is part of the System Unit. *
8. 1 bit is equal to 8 bytes *
9. A monitor can be both an input and output device if it has the touch screen feature. *
10. Using a powerpoint in your biology class would be an example of computers being used in education. *
The following questions are Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer.
1. How much you know about a computer is called computer *
2. Each of the following are types of input devices except a *
3. Which of the following is NOT related to the System Unit? *
4. I P O S are four letters that represent the four functions of a computer. What does the P stand for? *
5. Jump drives, floppy disks, and hard drives are types of *
6. Information is the organization of *
7. 1 byte of information is equal to how many bits? *
8. Each of the following are types of output devices except *
9. The following are challenges facing a digital society today. Which one is NOT a challenge. *
10. Which of the following would be a representation of DATA? *
11. Intel, AMD, and Motorola are type of this on a computer platform. *
12. Microsoft Windows is an example of a PC's what? *
13. CPU stands for Central Processing ________. What does the U stand for? *
14. Keeping up with technology is an example of being a _____ computer user and consumer. *
15. Video games, computers in classrooms, computer forensics, and patient simulators are all ways computers can be used in different *
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