Curtis Cartel Application
The Curtis Cartel is still in need of members. Please fill out this form if you would like to be considered. All inductees have complete this form, including their sample review, and completed a trial assignment.

If your application passes muster (mainly meaning you can read and follow directions), you'll be given a trial assignment to complete in just under 7 days.

If you do this on time and up to par, you will automatically be inducted into the Curtis Cartel.

Rejection notices are sent out every Sunday. Trial assignments are sent out every Monday (usually around midnight). You will have until the following Monday at midnight to complete your critique form and post your review online. You will be sent all the links you need.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree to review (within 30 days of electronic delivery), provide feedback on, and publicly post an online review for all payable manuscripts sent to you after you are inducted.

Payments of less than $10,00.01 will be sent via PayPal. Payments of $10,000.01 or more will be sent via postal mail.

Email address *
Your assignments will be sent to the email you entered above. If your PayPal payments should be sent using this same address, **TYPE IT AGAIN** below to confirm. If not, please enter your PayPal payment email address. *
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Review Sample
Write a review of the last book you read. Include the title and author in your opening line.

Whether you loved it or hated it, show that you can write a review that readers will find helpful in their journey to buy their next book. Please keep in mind that you will be asked to give in-depth reviews for pieces, so "I hate it," is just as unhelpful as "I loved it."

Talk about your reasoning for your like or dislike and give specific examples (quote lines from the book, describe a particular character, or point out a specific scene that affected you strongly).

Feel free to make up the details if you don't have access to the last book you read. Just show that you have the skill.

Your Sample Review *
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Curtis Cartel Membership Agreement
By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms outlined below.

Publisher Responsibilities
Volo Press agrees to send unpublished manuscripts to cartel Member as they are completed.

Volo Press agrees to acknowledge Member in the final version of the piece to which they contributed their critique.

Volo Press agrees to reach out to Member regarding compensation for consultation in the event that a book that the Member has provided feedback on sells enough copies within its first 60 days after release to warrant a payment.

Volo Press agrees to honor Member wishes should they choose to reject offered compensation or mention in a published work.

Volo Press agrees to remove Member from cartel email list if Member:

1. Emails Volo Press in order to request that their email be removed.
2. Does not incorporate Publisher feedback to help create clear, detailed, articulate reviews for the assigned manuscript.
3. Does not submit their critique form within 30 days of being assigned a manuscript.
4. Does not post an online review at an approved review site within 7 days of being sent a link to the finished book's product page.

Member Responsibilities
1. Read the assigned manuscript from Volo Press in its entirety within 30 days.

2. Submit critique form for the assigned manuscript within 30 days of being assigned the manuscript.

3. Incorporate Publisher feedback to help create clear, detailed, articulate reviews for the published version of the assigned manuscript.

4. Post an online review at an approved review site within 7 days of being sent a link to the finished book's product page.

Payment Breakdown
While you are not yet an official cartel member until you complete your first assignment successfully, it's helpful to have a general understanding of how payout works as a member. This is a list of key points, but you will be given a full breakdown once you become a member.

1. You are never guaranteed to be paid anything. You are choosing to trust the market, the product, and me (T. L. Curtis) to provide compensation if and when it is available.

2. When and if your are paid, you will receive no less than 1% of the profits earned from the book you were assigned within the first 60 days of that book's launch.

3. It could take as much as 6 months after you submit your critique and review before you get any compensation that does become available.

4. If you are dismissed from the cartel or leave the cartel for any reason, you may not be compensated for the last assignment you worked on (if compensation is available) while you were still in good standing with the cartel. I will make a judgment call based on how much you earned and why you are being dismissed (voluntary vs involuntary).

5. If and when you are paid, you will be compensated via PayPal. For payout amounts over $10,001 you will have payment mailed to you via cashier's check using the name you recorded on this application.

Copy and paste the following paragraph into the box below to confirm your understanding and agreement: "I am not being guaranteed payment for any proofing, critique, or review submission work that I complete. I would be a Curtis Cartel member for free, simply because I love to read. If I ever receive any money from T. L. Curtis / Volo Press, LLC, it will be at the sole discretion of T. L. Curtis. I do not expect payment of any kind for my involvement with the Curtis Cartel." *
If this portion of your application is approved, which book would you like to read for your trial assignment? *
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