Apostle Island Sea Kayaking Sign Up
To find out how many spots are still available in the program please refer to the Apostle Island Sea Kayaking Page on the Tomahawk website. Go to http://camptomahawk.org/Older-Programs/ArticleID/4976/Apostle-Island-Sea-Kayaking to view it before you submit your request.

Each submission in this form is for one person at a time. You will need to submit this form for each participant. If you have 3 Scouts and 2 adults interested you will complete this form 5 times.

Once complete we will get immediate notification of your submission. Once you have been placed you will receive another email confirmation with further instructions to solidify your registration.
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If you have female youth participants we ask that the troop or crew provide an adult female participant over the age of 21 to also attend.
Use 5'9" format. Information needed for wet suit fitting
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