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The European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines is an informal civil society coalition gathering consumer, patient and public health organisations, calling for the creation of an R&D system driven by public health needs, and which delivers medicines that are universally accessible and affordable.

We, members of the Alliance, do not accept the current way medicines are developed and priced and are working to change this ineffective and costly research and development (R&D) system that rewards new medicines with fixed-term monopolies (patents) and encourages unaffordable prices. By working together we can challenge this system and improve it.

The Alliance and its members work together on the basis of the following core values and principles: collaboration, synergy, sense of community, collective action, impact, effectiveness, knowledge, expertise, common language and identity, trust, respect, joint ownership, non-competitive environment, equality in the decision-making process, appreciation for others, optimism, passion, commitment, safe space.


The Alliance welcomes new members who wish to join us and work on access to medicines issues in Europe.
Endorsing the Joint Declaration is a prerequisite to become member of the Alliance.

Members of the Alliance should:
1. Share the goals, principles and values of the Alliance
2. Be engaged in promoting access to affordable medicines or willing to do so
3. Not represent or work for the pharmaceutical industry, a multilateral organisation (WHO, IMF, World Bank, etc.) or a governmental institution
4. Contribute actively to the work/activities of the Alliance
5. Agree to respect the procedures of the Alliance

Members can participate in the Working Groups and activities of the the Alliance and propose initiatives to be developed.

If you believe that the Alliance can complement the work you are doing and that you could support the Alliance, then please complete the Membership Application form below.

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