Battle of The Bands Judge Application
Please read the official Rules for Bands before completing the application form.

1. Each judge must participate in the event and interact with the crowd, the bands, and the MC.
2. Each judge must be from Jackson County.
3. Each judge is expected to arrive on time and be seated prior to the beginning of each concert.
4. Judges must agree to be impartial and use their best judgement to decide which bands stay and which bands are eliminated.
5. Each judge will be given time to give their feedback to the band based on the band’s performance.
6. This is a voluntary service, the judges will not be compensated. Also, no judge should accept any gifts-monetary or otherwise from ANY band member during this contest.
7. Please keep your remarks respectful and do not insult anyone performing.
8. The majority rules-all judges do not have to agree, but there must be a majority in order to decide whether a band stays or goes.
9. The judges must confer and decide which band must go and present their decision to the MC within a timely manner.
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