First Time Users - Google Doc Forms
Caddo Career and Technology Center set up a Google Account for every employee. You should use this account to access CPSB Google Drive and associated Google Forms. SOME FORMS DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO BE SIGNED IN. Do not be alarmed if you are not requested to do so. It is required when documents must be uploaded and tracked.

Please contact Christina Gremillion at 318-510-8390 or Jora Honore, if assistance is needed.

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Click here for the Link to Drive:
2. Click the "Go to Google Drive" button in the center of the page.
3. Enter your FULL Caddo email address in the "Email or phone" field and click next
4. Enter your default password which is cpsb1234 and click next
5. Create and enter a new password when prompted.
6. Your initial or associated picture will appear in a circle at the top right hand corner.
7. You may click your initial or associated picture to add an account, switch between accounts, or sign out of your account.
8. Once signed in, you may access the desired Google Doc Form if listed below or through the CPSB website.

** If you have used your current Caddo email address for a Google Organizational Account:
1. Please use the same password and Caddo email address for #3 and #4.
2. You may enter the email and password when prompted to sign in if you go directly to the Google Doc.

** If you already have an account with your current Caddo email that was not connected to Caddo, this one will replace it.
1. Sign in as usual however please chose the Organizational Account when asked.
2. If you had items in the old account you want to keep, you will have to download that information from your of account then upload it to your new account or you can share it with your new account.

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When you finish your password set up, click below.
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