Super Scientific Blog Hopping Habits Survey

Thank you for checking out this survey! It should take no more than 3 minutes to complete & will provide data for an upcoming post on blog hopping habits as a follow up to my findings in my Stats Transparency Post!

Greetings friends and welcome to Reader Voracious Blog's Super Scientific Blog Hopping Habits Survey!

This survey was born out of a love for data as I compiled my Statistics Transparency Post, and I got to thinking about the posting times for the bulk of my audience. Based on the views map, by far the majority of my views come from the US... actually North and South America, followed closely by the UK. That makes sense given my analytics and more popular posting times, but I got to thinking about BLOG HOPPING HABITS.

I created a quick Twitter poll asking what time of day people tend to blog hop, but then the complexity around timezones (ugh) came up. I alllmmmoooostttt did a second poll to ask for rough region, but opted to do a survey instead since I wouldn't be able to correlate the responses and draw conclusions. And this way I can (hopefully) provide more insights that can be shared with the book blogging community!

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Do you have a set of blogs that you visit or do you try to discover new blogs when hopping? *
When determining which blogs to hop to and/or follow, do you tend to stick to reviewers within the same genre or branch out? *
What are your opinions on comments? Do you leave a comment on every post you visit or only when you have something to say? *
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