Winter Special - $100 Off Sign-up
Please fill out the following form completely to receive your "$100 Off " Fall Special Coupon and your "Free Signal Analysis".
Offer good until Feb 15, 2018 and coupon is valid until May 15, 2018. We will call you to discuss after we do a "Free Signal Analysis" on your house and view it via satellite.

You will receive your $100.00 Off Special Coupon within 24 hours via email. Please present this coupon at time of installation. No other discount apply when using the special..

Whats included in our Winter Special?

1. $349.00 Entire Home installation. That's $100.00 discount.
2. A compact UHF/VHF - HD 45 mile antenna
3. Free Signal Analysis
4. Unlimited TV hook up to existing TV''s
5. Testing / replacing all defective coax connecting all your TV's
6. Testing / replacing all necessary spliters
7. Ground block connected to your existing ground
9. Test tone and isolating your existing internet line
10. $20 off on all upgraded antennas - limited time
10. Programming and scanning of all your TV's
11. Professional installation
12. One year warranty on all materials and workmanship
13. No gimmicky consultant fees
14. No more monthly cable or satellite bills
15. Free DVR and streaming consultation

If you have any questions email me at or you can contract me at 651 592-3907.

Tom McGlynn

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Due to our insurance underwriters we have suspended our outdoor roof antenna installations for the season. Do you want us to call you this spring to schedule a HD antenna installation? For reserving your installation we give you a $100.00 Off Coupon good until May 15, 2018. Plus a free signal analysis on your house. *
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Have a question? - No problem. We answer all questions within 24hours.
Have a question? - No problem. We answer all questions within 24hours.
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