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If the simplified Chinese text is the same as the traditional Chinese then add it here and leave the traditional Chinese field blank.
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This field is only needed if the traditional Chinese text is different from the simplified Chinese.
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Add the pinyin text with the proper diacritics to indicate tone. For example, 凤梨 fènglí. Use the Pinyin format tool to help.
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Direct translations or near synonyms in English delimited by '/.'
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Concept (Chinese)
What kind of thing a word refers to. For example, for 凤梨 'pineapple' the concept is 水果.
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Concept (English)
What kind of thing a word refers to. For example, for 凤梨 'pineapple' the concept is Fruit.
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Critical for separating modern Chinese, literary Chinese, and Buddhist vocabulary.
Additional explanation to allow users to find out more about a word. For example, the modern Chinese word for a literary Chinese word, a reference for the definition of the word, or an example of the use of the word (with translation).
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