Survey of Preparation for Active Shooter events at Universities and Colleges
Participants: Faculty, Students and Staff of Colleges and Universities in the USA.

Active shooting incidents are a concern because of traumatic events like those at Virginia Tech and many high schools. Preparation for students, faculty, and staff can reduce the extent of harm to persons should a shooting incident occur. Teams with clear operating protocols can exist to support persons with mental health or behavioral issues. Surprisingly, eleven years after Virginia Tech, many Universities lack classroom doors that professors and students can lock from inside the classroom during an active shooter event. What is the preparation for an active shooter on your campus? How does your campus compare to others in the USA?

By participating in this survey, you can help us compare the state of readiness on college campuses to prevent and to respond to an active shooter situation. The results of the survey will be made available to all participants. Survey participants will NOT be identified in any of the data presented to communicate the survey results. Those who complete this survey will also be provided with a link to an example of the extensive preparations currently in place at one well-known University to decrease risk and to respond to active shooters.

(Survey Author: Kenneth P. Mitton, PhD. Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Eye Research Institute, Oakland University, Rochester Michigan. Past President OU-Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.)

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