Returning from Quarantine
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Are you ready to return to the SJAA?
Thank you for continuing to study with our SJAA coaches online during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

While we have missed seeing everyone in-person and are eager to get back under one roof together, we remain sensitive to our members needs. We are continually evaluating the situation and everyone should expect that the Academy will comply with Local and State safety guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your time to share your personal thoughts and feelings on resuming in-person lessons at the SJAA. While we feel that our facility is a relatively "low threat" compared to other high-risk, "essential" local businesses, the safety, health, peace of mind and personal opinions of our members is of the highest value.

Your feedback is totally CONFIDENTIAL.

Please visit our "SJAA Covid-19 Protection Plan" at... to check out the precautions we will have in place.

Feel free to reach out personally to any staff or teachers for additional questions or information.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family!

Jason and SJAA

Jason Riley - Director
(816) 294-4856 cell

St. Joseph Arts Academy
(816) 974-SOLO (7656)
Are you ready to return to in-person music lessons?
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Thank you for sharing your feelings with us during this sensitive time. Grateful for the opportunity to serve your family. Looking forward to having us all back under the same roof, playing music TOGETHER as soon as everyone feels it is safe for them personally. - Jason and SJAA
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