Petition: Secure a future for Nature and Biodiversity on Western's campus
We are collecting signatures from members of the Western community to demonstrate support for improving the University's operations, planning and sustainability programs concerning the natural environment on campus. The following letter and a list of signatures submitted through this form will be sent to Western's administration in January 2020. All information collected will remain confidential and will not be used for any purpose beyond this petition.

Please access a PDF of the letter by visiting this link, or read it below.

Any inquiries may be directed to Brendon Samuels, PhD Student, Department of Biology at

UPDATE: As of December 2020 the petition has collected 542 signatures.
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We will propose forming a new advisory group for the University on nature and biodiversity. Would you consider participating in the work of this group, perhaps by joining as a member? This is not meant as a definite commitment, but if you respond yes we may follow up with more information at a later time.
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