LMS Evaluation: Faculty

During the months of July and August, The Center for Instructional Delivery (CID) has schedued online webinars on various Learning Management Systems (LMS) for faculty to learn more about each system's features. These seminars will be 45-60 minutes long, and will be recorded for later viewing, in case anyone wants to review them later. During the live webinar, participants will be able to ask questions.

After each webinar, participants will be asked to provide feedback about the different systems and to rank them. CID will also be doing an evaluation of these systems, and their administrative tools and technical requirements. After all feedback is gathered, the top 2 LMS's will be selected and a more in-depth evaluation and selection process will begin in the fall.

Evaluation Details:

-- Your evaluation feedback is very important to us. We are asking for your name and email address in the event that we wish to get more information from you about your responses.
-- You will be asked to complete this evaluation form after each online webinar.
-- LMS's to be evaluated: Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard Learn, eCollege, Desire2Learn, MoodleRooms/Joule, and Canvas (Instructure)

To view the online webinar schedule and to learn more about the LMS Task Force and the timeline for migrating to a new system, visit http://bit.ly/LMS-migration.

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    Integrating Audio and/or Video
    Uploading Content Files
    Course Email Tool
    Blog Tool
    Wiki Tool
    Group Collaboration
    Live Chat
    Live Audio/Video Communication
    Plagiarism Tools
    Selective Release or Hide/Release Tool
    Class Roster
    Student Tracking
    Searching Within Course
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