Social Fest 2021 - Survey
Greetings to all parish members and school families!

The Social Fest team has completed our first meeting of the year, and we are optimistic that we will have an event this year, on the 4th Saturday in August or later. We have also opened discussions to help improve our event.

We would truly appreciate your input by answering the questions below so we can ensure we are coordinating an event that YOU will want to attend. Thank you!
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1. Have you attended Social Fest in the past?
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1a. If YES: Are there any specific things you like, or dislike about the event? About how many times have you attended?
1b. If NO: Are there any specific reasons why? Date, format, cost, etc.?
2. Is your decision to attend based on the location of the event, or whether we have the event indoors or outdoors?
3. Assuming continued diminished COVID implications, would you be likely to attend this year? *
4. Social Fest has always been an evening event for adults only. Would you prefer this format, or more family oriented?
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5. Does the current price of $25 to $35 per person affect your decision to attend?
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Do you enjoy the silent auction?
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Do you enjoy the voice auction?
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Do you enjoy the raffles?
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Do you enjoy the games?
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Would you prefer the more structured dinner format we currently have or something more casual, such as traditional picnic food?
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Would you prefer to pay for food and beverages as part of your admission, or a concessions type approach?
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Would you be more likely to attend if this was a Fall event, when school is back in session? (As opposed to the traditional last Saturday in August)
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The success of Social Fest is largely due to the help of volunteers. We are looking for team leaders in the areas of logistics, donations, food prep and serving, promotion and advertising, on-line activities, games, auctions, etc. Time requirements start in the March/April timeframe, generally a few hours per month, and then the day of the event. Would you consider being a team leader?
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Would you consider volunteering the day of the event in any of the areas mentioned above?
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Any final comments or input?
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