Butterfly 2019
Make in BVB is back with it's most prestigious event, Butterfly 2K19.

Nature is an infinite treasure of miracles. The beauty of nature has influenced designs ranging from that of an airplane to everyday things. One such miraculous action occurring in nature is the transformation of a pupa into a butterfly. Inspired by the miracle, KLE CTIE has adopted the same model for entrepreneurial engagement of students. Participation in Pupa allows the students to develop the spark of Entrepreneurship. Pupa will be followed by other initiatives of MiB and CTIE, which inculcate Entrepreneurial mindset. This stage is similar to the seemingly inactive stage of ‘Pupa to Butterfly
transformation’, where the critical growth of the butterfly takes place. The aim would be to fly out as a butterfly, thus the title ‘Butterfly – Budding Business Ideas’. This Technology B-Plan competition serves as a unique platform for the evaluation, iteration, starting up of the business ideas.
Pitch in your ideas to stand a chance to incubate your ideas under CTIE, or Intern under CTIE.
The butterfly is also a gateway to pursue your Minor or Capstone projects under CTIE.

Please follow the template from www.klectie.com before submitting the zip file.

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