Charlotte Darnell's anonymous form

This form is a resource for you to share feedback, concerns or information anonymously.
You can use this form to share things like:

  1. Information about people or projects that you have concerns about in the Effective Altruism or related communities  
  2. More general worries about the EA community
  3. Feedback about my work or my team's work
  4. Any personal feedback!
You can read more about my role and my team here

Note that I can usually commit to keeping information confidential if you want, but there could be rare cases where I'd share information, like:
- if I think someone is at risk of serious abuse or physical harm
- if you send a concern about someone at EV (where I work), I may need to tell the legal or HR staff
- if a court or government agency requires my records

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to fill this in.  
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As a default, I'd like to be able to share concerns with other members on the community health team, so others have visibility into my work and so we can spot patterns more easily. If you'd rather I don't share information in this form with anyone on my team, you can let me know here. (If someone is in immediate danger I may need to share that with others.)
You can request different confidentiality preferences in future.
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The more detail you share, the more likely I am to be able to take action 
What would you like to happen now?
Let me know if you'd like a follow up discussion, certain actions taken or if you're just letting me know. I can't promise to do every action requested, but this helps me know what would be most helpful for you.
How should I contact you?
If you'd like me to follow up, let me know the best way to contact you (this can be a burner email if you'd like to remain anonymous). 
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