Application: To Be a Guest on Sarah Cordiner's 'Course Creators Podcast' (
Please complete this form so that we can review your application to be a guest on the Course Creators Podcast.  Please note that filling in this form does NOT guarantee you a spot on the show.  
We will be in touch with you if we feel that your application is suitable.

Please note that our listeners are: Course creators, entrepreneurs, self-employed, experts, coaches, consultants.  They range from completely brand new to online business to others who are experts.  

1. Please ensure that what you intend to share will DRAMATICALLY help and support our listeners to transform their life and/or their business.  
2. Our podcasts aim to be educational, stuffed with high value, highly practical and implementable information.  We are less of a 'chat show' and more of a 'learn from the experts' educational content channel.
3. To help us decide what level of value you might bring to the podcast, please clearly list the 3 life-changing tips that you will share with our course creators
4. Note that we will NOT ask you all of the questions below in the call - based on your responses we will pick those that appear to have the most value.  Please be prepared to answer any of them as we will not let you know which ones we will answer.

If you are successful, we will contact you be email and give you a link to a calendar to select your time for a booking.
If the timezones don't work, you can reply and we will manually find a time that works.
The call will be via Zoom and WILL be with the video ON. To give both the podcast and our guests the most amount of exposure possible, we put the audio recording on the podcast AND upload to our YouTube channel, blog and social media.
This means that if you want to do a screenshare, you can.
We WILL give you the orginal, unedited Zoom recording for you to use and publish as you wish too - PROVIDED that Sarah Cordiner and is also referenced in all locations that you publish it.

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Have you created an online course?  If so, what tip or lesson would you share with new course creators who are just starting out?
Please list the 3 highly-valuable tips related to YOUR topic of expertise that you will give (that will help course creators in some way)
If you had to break down what you do into 5-10 simple bullet point steps (from totally ground zero, to complete success), what would they be?
What have been the top 3 marketing strategies that have worked for you in getting your name/brand out there and getting you leads/customers?
What are your favourite 3 books for entrepreneurs? OR books you have read most recently that inspired  and motivated you business-wise?
What are some of your favourite productivity and/or automation tools, apps or software that you couldn't live without?
Name 2-3 people that course creators/entrepreneurs should all check out or follow
Please list 2 questions that would be fun, interesting, inspiring to ask you?
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