Sign Up: Bargaining Attendance
ALL GRAD WORKERS should sign up to attend bargaining at least once! The purpose of participating in the negotiations process to 1) make sure that UM leaders know that this union stands together and 2) make bargaining more effective by participating in decisions about bargaining strategy.

This year's contract negotiations will determine our salaries and working conditions for the next three years. Unless UM thinks that a majority of graduate students are serious about needing the proposals we're passing across the table, they aren't likely to make significant changes to our existing contract and may even push us to make the existing agreement worse. 

Sometime before the session(s) you registered for, a fellow grad student will follow up with you to share info and confirm details about how you will attend. Note that for maximum accessibility, sessions will be hybrid (in-person with a zoom option) and masks will be required (and provided at the door). If you have particular accessibility needs to attend bargaining, email:

Bargaining will continue through the Summer on an ad-hoc basis. Upcoming dates and locations (in addition to the zoom option) will be:
  • May 31 (Wednesday): 9am-5pm: Henderson Room, 3rd floor of the Michigan League (Hybrid Zoom/in-person)
Agenda for 5/31 session:
  • Discussing June bargaining dates
  • Aiming to reach tentative agreements on several outstanding MOUs that neither party has made proposals about, but which would expire at the end of this contract if neither party moves to continue them.
  • HR has indicated that they will not be passing any proposals.

See here for the latest information about past bargaining sessions.

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I commit to attending bargaining at least once!

(You can join for a portion of a bargaining session, rather than an entire session)
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It's important to demonstrate HR that we are all invested in the negotiations. It's also crucial to avoid giving HR any information about how we feel about their proposals unless we have planned to do so. Therefore, all attendees must agree to the following:

I agree that while in the room, I will follow the 4 ground rules:

1. POKER FACE at all times in front of UM Human Resources
2. No one speaks except the planned speakers
3. Send notes to the negotiator anytime if you want to talk or let them know something or request we take a “caucus” (a break where we can ask management to leave the room for private conversation time)
4. No photos or recording while management is in the room
Grads at bargaining can sign up to fill extra responsibilities such as check-in, set-up, day-of flyering, taking pictures during caucus, chattering on the GEO Discord. Would you like to volunteer?

(Those who answer yes will be given instructions in advance and be part of a group!)
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