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Which of the following does NOT describe a controlled experiment?
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What does NOT describe a hypothesis?
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Jennifer conducts an experiment to see if the type of soda (diet coke vs. regular coke) affects how long the explosion lasts (in seconds) when combined with Mentos. What is the independent variable in Jennifer's experiment?
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What is the dependent variable in Jennifer's experiment (above)?
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Brandon conducts an experiment to see if listening to music (vs. no music) affects how long it takes him to read 50 pages. Throughout his investigation, he used his favorite Pandora stations as his music source. Brandon finished his independent reading book during his 4th trial, so continued his study with a new book. Brandon made sure to collect data at the exact same time after school each day. What are the key limitations in Brandon's experiment?
Check all that apply.
Jeliness conducts an experiment to see if the brand of popcorn (Orville vs. Act II) affects the amount (number) of burned kernels after microwaving for 3 minutes. What conclusion(s) can you make from Jeliness's data (bar graph below)?
Check all that apply.
Caleb conducts an experiment to see if the brand of electric guitar (Gibson, Ibanez, Fender) affects volume. Caleb knows that in order to conduct a fair test, he needs to use an equal amount of force on the strings for all trials. Even though he does the best he can to use equal force, he makes sure to address this possible limitation (and the way he addressed this limitation) in his lab report. Where in his lab report should Caleb include this information?
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A scientific procedure is so detailed and complete that any other scientist can _____ the experiment and results.
Fill in the blank.
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What are the parts of a scientific explanation?
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What is NOT part of a scientific conclusion?
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What is sample size?
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What is the problem with having too small of a sample size/too few trials in an experiment?
Check all that apply.
Maribel wants to find out the average number of M&Ms in regular vs. peanut M&Ms. In her 3 bags (trials) of peanut M&Ms, she found that there was 31, 28, and 31 pieces.
Calculate the average number of pieces in the peanut M&M bags.
Ms. Shon conducts an experiment to see if baking temperature (325 vs. 375 degrees F) affects the circumference of chocolate chip cookies. She finds the following information during her background research from seriouseats.com: "When baked at a lower temperature, the dough has more of a chance to spread out, leading to flatter, wider cookies. Conversely, cookies baked at higher temperatures spread less." Write a hypothesis for Ms. Shon.
Make sure to use the proper format!
Write a testable question for Ms. Shon's experiment above.
Make sure to use a testable question format.
**BONUS QUESTION (YOU DO NOT LOSE POINTS IF YOU SKIP THIS OR GET IT WRONG): Write a procedure that will address Destiny's testable question, "What is the effect of the type of surface (wood vs. cement) on the height a basketball bounces?" Destiny's constants are: the size/brand of basketball, the height the basketball is dropped (50 cm), the temperature of the room, and the person dropping the ball.
Make sure to follow Ms. Shon's guidelines for writing a procedure!
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