Bonus of up to 1000 SPURTCrypto, value about 1150 USD to be placed in your account in Regal Holdings
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This form is ONLY for NEW clients who do not yet have SPURTCrypto
But if you WANT to join, you can do that too!
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I already registered an account with the Exchanger REGAL HOLDINGS under exchange.
I am aware that one SPURTCrypto has a value of about 1Euro and that I have to buy them with Ether. See instructions
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When you don't add an account address, starting with 0x, we cannot place your Bonus on your account.
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I buy SPURTCrypto. Please place the Bonus on my Regal Holdings account *
Please give me my Bonus
I buy 1x1 SPU and get 10 SPU
I buy 1x2 SPU and get 20 SPU
I buy 1x5 SPU and get 50 SPU
I buy 1x10 SPU and get 100 SPU
I buy 1x20 SPU and get 200 SPU
I buy small portions 2x1SPU and get 22 SPU
I buy small portions 5x1 SPU and get 55 SPU
I buy small portions 10x1 SPU and get 110 SPU
I buy small portions 20x1 SPU and get 250 SPU
I am interested in Bulk Packages, please show me offer, so I can earn up to 1000 SPU
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