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In the book "Strong and Weak," Andy Crouch analyzes the concept of stewarding influence as a way to lead to increased flourishing for all. On October 4, he headlined a forum on the topics covered in his book. In an effort to model stewarding influence through the event, the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work is offering one $5,000 grant to an organization, group, or individual with a project or initiative that represents the concepts in the book "Strong and Weak," needs the funding and can use it appropriately, and will have a significant impact on individuals in Nashville.

We intend to award one Stewarding Influence grant of $5,000 but reserve the right to break the amount into smaller grants based on the quantity and content of applications received.

To apply for the grant, please complete the following application and submit a two-minute video as described below no later than November 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Decision Process: A committee determined by the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work will judge the entries with criteria solely determined by the committee. Criteria will include alignment with the concepts of stewarding influence for flourishing as discussed in "Strong and Weak," ability to properly use the funds, and potential impact in the community.

Potential finalists may be further interviewed by the committee as needed and determined solely by the committee. Finalists will be alerted in December if chosen for the award.

Questions about the grant process can be directed to info@nifw.org.

The fine print: The Stewarding Influence Grant (“Grant”) is a promotion sponsored by the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work (“NIFW”) and Christ Presbyterian Church ("CPC"). The Grant is not available to any NIFW or CPC staff member, any NIFW commission member, or any official paid advisor in the last 12 months to NIFW or CPC. NIFW reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to award or not award the Grant to any applicant. The Grant recipient will be required to complete two reports documenting the usage of the money over the term of the Grant. Preference will be given to those doing the work in and for Nashville. The video of the grant winner may be used on the NIFW website and at other NIFW events at the discretion of NIFW.

What is the name of the organization, group, or individuals requesting the grant? If an organization, in addition, what is the name of the individual leading the grant project? *
Email for the person overseeing the grant submission. *
Address of the organization, group, or individuals requesting the grant. *
Phone for the organization, group, or individuals requesting the grant. *
Website (if available)
Please describe how you would use a $5000 grant for the flourishing of others. (300 word limit) *
Please describe how your project is aligned with the concepts in the book "Strong and Weak" in regards to stewarding influence through authority and vulnerability. I.E. Your answer should discuss how you would use your influence (or authority as per the Crouch concept) to take some meaningful risk (or vulnerability as per the Crouch concept) to help others flourish. *
How do you plan to implement your project and what experience do you have which will lead to a successful implementation? (250 word limit) *
Please describe the impact the grant funded project will have on individuals and the city of Nashville. Specificity with quantitative estimations is most helpful. (200 word limit) *
Why are you and/or your organization specifically equipped for this work? How do you plan to implement your project and what experience do you have which will lead to a successful implementation? (250 word limit) *
Were the people most likely to benefit from this project consulted in its design? Please discuss. (150 word limit)
Has your organization (and/or the lead individual or key team members on the grant project) ever been the subject of a public incident that might reflect poorly on the spirit of this grant? (i.e. ever been arrested, ever been the defendant in a lawsuit, etc.)? If so, please describe below. Disclosure will not disqualify you from the award. *
Video: Please create a two minute video which answers the following the questions and upload your video here. (Note, we are more interested in the content of the video than the quality of the videography. iPhone quality is fine. Do not spend money on video creation. Please hold strict to the two minute time limit.) Questions to answer: Can you describe your project and your past experience to support and encourage the flourishing of others based on the concepts in Strong and Weak? What inspires you to do this work? How would you use a $5,000 grant? Who would benefit from the work you accomplish with the help of the grant? *
Is there anything else you would like the grant committee to know? (Limit 200 words) *
How did you learn of the Stewarding Influence Grant?
I acknowledge that I have truthfully represented myself and/or my organization/group to the best of my ability. I have read the information about the grant, including the Fine Print, and acknowledge that I understand the grant process. I understand that if awarded a grant, I will be required to submit two reports over the term of the grant documenting the use of the grant. *
Please type your name here as a signature of acknowledgement. *
We thank you for participating in the NIFW "Stewarding Influence" Grant process. Regardless of the outcome, we commend you for your interest in helping others flourish.
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